What is Revery Company?

Hi friends!
After re-relocating from North Carolina to our sunny home state, we are so excited to introduce ourselves to this incredible new community! We are Andrew Lovette and Taylor Lovette, just two kids with a kid completely crazy about each other and you!

The idea to create a business together has always been a huge dream of ours. After attending 150 weddings in the last 4 years and documenting nearly every single one, all roads lead to photography! We strongly believe every person is alive for a very specific purpose and God just so happened to stamp us each on the heads with “Creative Entrepreneur” …Andrew, with big boldface letters and Taylor in more of a hairline italic kind of way. Technically, we’ve created close to a billion businesses up to this point, but this one finally made it past the sheets of wine-splashed construction paper.

What is Revery Company?

Revery is an archaic, fanciful or visionary notion / daydream. 
Company is the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.

Bring them together and you get Daydreams with Friends.

After year 4 of photographing weddings, We realized that the meanings of these two words go completely hand in hand. When we meet with our couples before their big day, they tell us how deeply and madly in love they are with the other, how honored they are to follow footsteps of family generations that have come together before them, they tell us about their best friends traveling in for a single night to stand beside them at the altar, they describe their gorgeous floral arrangements, the must-have table linens, endless dessert trays, the whole deal! Literally their wildest daydreams pour out from their lips about each and every detail of the most important day of their lives. This is the Revery.

But then, the planning subsides, the day is actually here, and there is barely any time to truly soak it all in. This is the most cliche line in history, “time moves fast” …but it rings even more true on your wedding day! That’s where we come in. From engagement to honeymoon, we come alongside you prepared to serve with our whole hearts, travel anywhere to tell nothing but the truth of your love story, and preserve all the beautiful moments in between you just can’t find the words for. Our service goes beyond photographs; We show up as your trustworthy guides, faithful resources and most importantly as your friends — The Company to your Revery.

So, what are you daydreaming about? Let’s make something beautiful.

Follow along for a daily dose of wedding details, family snugs and everything in-between @reverycompany.

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